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Owner's move creates the following opportunity:

Minnesota company is offered for sale. Among the assets of the business are long standing
Minnesota Vikings football (well over 25 years seniority) and Minnesota Wild hockey (charter seniority),
season ticket owner accounts. The seats are arguably in the most exciting locations. There are twelve
seats in total, and due to the account seniority you will be able to increase that amount.

Guests of the owner consistently tell him that these seats are the best seats they've ever sat in for
professional football and/or professional hockey.

In some cases you'll be so close to the action that you can talk to the players.
Due to the outstanding seat placement the account owner is routinely approached by
out of state ticket buyers, clamoring for seats when their team visits Minnesota.
Buyers from New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Green Bay. With an even more fanatic
interest level for Monday night and Sunday night games.

If you buy this company, you will own the rights to all of the season tickets
and all of the prestige that goes with the title of Season Ticket Account Owner.

Every year you'll have first choice and be guaranteed the best seats to every game.
That includes NFL & NHL playoffs, including the Stanley Cup Finals, and Super Bowl, when applicable.

The current owner also has a list of people who have purchased any and all extra tickets.
Be prepared though. Those extra tickets will hardly be a problem for you. As soon as your friends
and family find out that you're a season ticket owner, you'll be swamped with inquiries.

To receive more information concerning this unusual, once in a lifetime offering
please e-mail your contact information to the attention of Bob Web.

Offered at: $49,500

The owner has instructed us to forward all offers to him. That includes trades or swaps.
All will be considered.

Seller financing is available.

Assets of company include but are not limited to:
Office furniture and equipment
Web domain
Season ticket accounts

Principals only - No brokers please.

Thank you.



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